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My name is Ryoji, and I'm a musician based in Los Angeles. I specialize in creating joyful musical experiences for children, whether it's performing at birthday parties, conducting weekly music classes for individual kids and families, or composing songs. 

My journey as a children's musician began in 2009 when my son was born. I started performing music for children at Westchester Parents' Nursery School in Los Angeles, where I discovered my passion for connecting with young audiences through music. 

In my classes, I introduce participants to a fascinating array of musical instruments from around the world. From the rhythmic beats of the Djembe and the melodic tones of the Balafon to the charming strums of the Ukulele and the lively sounds of shakers, I bring together a diverse collection of unique, authentic, and beautiful instruments. 

My expertise in these fascinating musical instruments stems from my role as a Music Technician at Motherland Music, an African Musical Instruments shop located in Inglewood. Through this experience, I have gained deep knowledge and appreciation for the cultural significance of these instruments. 

When it comes to the songs I create, my focus is on celebrating music from various cultures, encompassing nursery rhymes, musical games, and even Classic Rock. I believe in the power of music to unite people from all walks of life, and I strive to bring joy and a sense of community to children and families through my musical endeavors. 

Join me on this musical adventure, where we explore the world's rhythms, melodies, and the boundless imagination of children. Let's create memories and make music that will inspire and uplift young hearts.

While raising my two daughters, we have literally attended hundreds of classes. You name it, we've tried it. Ryoji's class however is completely unique, a cut above the rest. He is an incredibly kind teacher, patient and fun, and extremely engaging. He understands children in a special way, and lets them express themselves fully, bringing dozens of instruments and props to help them do so. My daughters both sing the songs they learned from Ryoji all the time, and look forward to each class. We've even scheduled school around Ryoji's classes. Our family is so grateful for him.

                                                                                                                                      Guru Jas from White Sun