Ryoji is a musician, guitarist, song writer, music teacher also a singer song writer for children music in Los Angeles.
Teaches at local pre schools, daycare, elementary school after school rock programs.
Born in musical family, started Piano at age 5. At age 12, he started Electric guitar by his own, joined the several rock band in Tokyo and performed in local clubs and few recordings.
To deepen his music composing, he joined local Taiko group, leaned authentic Taiko style at “Miyamoto Sukeroku Taiko” in Tokyo, Traveled to Okinawa, leaned Okinawan shamisen folkloric music with “Zanpa-ufujishi-taiko”, Went to Bali Island to learn Gamelan music with “Suar Agung”.
  Moved to Los Angeles  in 2001, looking for his professional music care oppotunity.
In 2005, Started working at African drum store “Motherland Music” in Inglewood, learned African drumming, building drums and other world musical instruments.
2009, started working for early child music education at local elementary school, since then, he started working more as a music teacher. Currently he teaches music at preschools, elementary school after school rock program, mom and me, and rock bands with local children.
His current group he joins are Okinawa folkloric music group “Gurukuns”, Jaoanese mordan / traditional ansumble “Gakudan-Urara”, Flute and guitar duo “Season of Freedom” and Yoga Meditation band “Shamanaad Tribe”. Also Japanes- American Rock Band “Umamix”.
His musical instruments are Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, bass guitar, drum set, African drums, Japanese flute, Sanshin, keyboard, didgeridoo, berimbau.